Tinubu’s govt to sell three presidential air fleet aircraft as jets gulp billions in maintenance

The Tinubu Administration has decided to sell three aircraft from the Presidential Air Fleet (PAF) in a move aimed at cost-saving measures.

The decision comes amidst concerns over the rising maintenance costs associated with the fleet.

The PAF comprises ten aircraft, including six jets and four helicopters.

However, if the proposed action is implemented, the fleet will be reduced to seven aircraft.

According to sources, President Tinubu is concerned about the escalating expenses involved in maintaining the planes, prompting the decision to dispose of the three aircraft identified as the most burdensome in terms of maintenance costs.

“The President is uncomfortable with the rising cost of maintaining the planes. Three planes have been pencilled down for disposal. The main reason is cutting down high maintenance costs.

“I think officers in PAF were particularly concerned about the frequency of maintenance and how much it costs the nation.

“The President decided to let off the aircraft that constitute the most burdensome,” a source told a national newspaper.

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