Tiwa Savage Sextape with Unknown Boyfriend leaked [VIDEO]


Tiwa Savage Sextape with Unknown Boyfriend leaked[WATCH FULL VIDEO]— POLITICS Nigeria learned that the video of Tiwa Savage’s sextape was reportedly leaked by a notorious anonymous blogger.

Nigerian music star, Tiwa Savage has openly stated that she is a victim of blackmail. She revealed that a blackmailer is currently in possession of footage showing her intimate moments with her lover.

Tiwa said this during a recent interview with American OAP, Angie Martinez of Power 105.1.

The Interview

According to her, the sex video was accidentally posted on Snapchat by her lover who deleted it immediately when he realised the error. However, it was too late. Now, someone wants to extort her.

The Story of Tiwa Savage Sextape has since generated a lot of controversy with many calling for her to be strong and unafraid.

“No part of me wants to pay the person. That is what is getting me angry. If you want to put it out, put it out. I am that crazy that I can put it out myself. You are not making any money from me. This was an intimate moment with someone I am dating. The person I am dating is not famous, he is a regular guy and his whole business is about to be out,” Tiwa Savage said.

“He is more concerned about me because he knows that I am going to be more affected. My mother and my son having to see it. I am going to talk to my son about it.

“For me, it is when he is older at about 15 and someone is rude to him at the playground and they make reference to the tape. I have to brace him up.”


The Sextape

On Monday night, Tiwa Savage’s sextape was reportedly leaked by a notorious anonymous blogger known as ‘Gistlover’. Although it’s unclear the motive of this action, the video clearly shows the singer clad in a black bikini engaging in intercourse.

Unconfirmed reports reveal that the act was carried out below deck on a small yatch. As at the time of filing this report, the singer is yet to issue a response. The Tiwa Savage Sextape has since gone viral on Social Media.

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  1. To be sincere this is Bad,its not Good.
    But Secondly,why will Someone be having sex and be Recording it,videoing it,its not good naw

  2. Everything in this life has no Ballance…. They must reveal and talk about this video cos u are famous sister…..make we hear about dem mama now.

  3. Since how many years did that happened; Yesterday. Oga find something better to do before it is too late, it doesn’t indicated any sheet.

  4. Hi Babe
    Remain calm and focused no matter how large fire is it will be off with time.
    For me mine emotionally feeling for you can not die

  5. What’s so important talking about people’s private life? Is it not God’s ordained excessive? Why is her milestone archives in life at her age not widely publicise. It was the young man’s failure. T Y, be more careful with person you think will give you happiness. I like your boldness. Carry on.

  6. Tiwa savage is one of d nude dressers apostles we have in Nigeria of today.

    So what is now d big deal if her fans could watch her maken love nude? What is all this hypocrisy and unnecessary pity coming from. As far as I am concern, this is what she loves doing, likewise her fans.

    No big deal jor. Let dedia rest

  7. Why on Earth would someone post a video of his girlfriend,if not a mad man who has lost his mind.God forbid.

  8. Why would she allow her boyfriend to video her while having sex with him in the church of God
    Would think you will be forgiven?

  9. Nobody is perfect oo so is her life leave her alone pls, there people here who are doing more than these…

  10. It is a common thing that every adult does but the difference is that not criminal who plans blackmail. You are bold and courageous enough not to succumb to such a cheep blackmail, the more you pay to protect the video the more they keep coming back.

  11. @tiwa…… I really love the courage she hascoz I not easy to blackmail somebody and still be living the way she is living, many things are going round the world today but I pray for her may God almighty be her and bless her more through this in Jesus name…. Once God is for her no man can demote her… Stay bless ….tiwa…..

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