Panic in Owerri as Unknown Gunmen send threat letter to Residents [PHOTO]

Several Schools in Owerri were shutdown in Owerri, Imo state on Monday over a threat by Unknown Gunmen.

POLITICS NIGERIA learned that the threat letter was posted in several areas of the town.

This newspaper recalls that Imo state has been having severe security problems due to the activities of the gunmen. Just last week, a police station and the home of Ohanaeze Ndigbo leader, George Obiozor were bombed by the gunmen.

This development has sent panic all through the state. The gunmen, in the undated threat letter, had warned that there should be no movement in the state on Mondays adding that the Nigerian national Anthem or Pledge must not be recited in any school or institution.

They also threatened Tricycle riders(Keke Napep) warning that none of them must be seen operating on Mondays in the state.

The letter read: “We the Unknown Gunmen has concluded that from now henceforth there will be no reciding(sic) of the NATIONAL ANTHEM OR NATIONAL PLEDGE in any school or gathering in Biafraland.”

“Any school or Institution found residing Nigeria National Anthem or pledge will be short down and
owner of the school will bring(sic) to justice. Whoever he may be, be guided.”

“All the schools in BIAFRA LAND will only reside BIAFRA ANTHEM. Don’t say we did not inform you.”

“Every Monday or any other Court case must be respected accordingly seat at home order. Any group of person violating the seat at home order will be severely dealt with, who ever he/she may be warned.”

“Any movement of tricycle riders (KEKE NA PEPE) TASKFORCE- AKA AGBAURO (ANY NIGERIAFORCE will face our Action no matter what it will cost us, we are out for work. Stay off on seat at home or been Monday and
every Court day.”

“ANY COMPANY OR ORGANIZATION found working on Monday or any Court case day will be short down(sic) forever and the owner of the company will be fish out and face our wrath.”

“No any Nigeria force will bear arms for any reasons if any force found bearing any arms will face our battle. Only unknown GUNMEN is allow to handle any weapon in BIAFRA LAND be informed.”

POLITICS NIGERIA has a photograph of the threat letter;

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