WATCH: Tinubu missteps at rally, helped to climb campaign stage


A video has emerged showing Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the 2023 election, misstepping at a rally.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that the incident happened at the Ekiti Parapo Pavilion in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, venue of the presidential campaign rally on Friday.

The 70-year-old quickly regained his balance after missing his steps on arrival at the venue of the rally.

The former Lagos State Governor could be seen quickly helped to his feet and to the stage by one of his aides.

Among APC leaders and governors who attended the Ekiti rally were former Interim National Chairman of the party Bisi Akande; former governor Kayode Fayemi; Minister of Trade and Industry Niyi Adebayo; APC National Women Leader, Betta Edu; Ondo State Deputy Governor, Lucky Ayedatiwa; Senator Opeyemi Bamidele; Senator Olamilekan Adeola and other Federal and State lawmakers from Ondo and Ekiti States.

Watch the video below;

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  1. This is what happens when a worn-out old man is rebranded and projected to lead more than 200 million people as a President. It is not an overstatement to say that Bola Tinubu is an all round disaster waiting to happen. It is obvious that law of diminishing returns has already overwhelmed his life and therefore,should be allowed to spend his remaining days at home, in peace.

  2. Is what it suppose to be, age is not on his side. But he spent so much to bring buhari to asorock from dawurra farm settlements. So I don’t blame him much. Think if you were him.

  3. It’s no longer news that he is frail and old; Nigerians call themselves Muslims and Christians, but they think they are not going to be questioned on Judgement Day on why they promoted injustice in the land by choosing obviously wrong leaders. Some may hide under the umbrella of “ignorance”, but even that cannot save them. In islam, a guardian is supposed to investigate and scrutinise the qualities of a potential spouse be it husband or wife-to-be. When a guardian fails to investigate and the marriage ends in shambles; that is injustice on the guardian’s part and he must account for it before God. And people think the same code doesn’t apply when you choose an unjust leader due to selfish urges; well, think again. If they are all bad, then choose the best of them; if they are all good, choose the best of them.

    1. Very objective, unbiased and logical opinion there. Sadly, when it comes to politics, many lose their sense of reasoning to sentiment and emotion.

  4. Mr Tunde, are you blind and stupid as well? this is video evidence , Tunde you’re one of most useless people we have in Nigeria. So at your age you still do not know the trauma this nation is passing through. Go to psychiatric hospital and have yourself checked . Useless foolish.

    1. U have lost ur senses! U are very stupid! A blithering idiot. No one from ur father to d last person is worth to be Asiwaju’s gardener. I have watched d clip, what is extraordinary in mistep? Anybody can mistakingly step on d helm of his agbada cloth especially while climbing a podium. U are a big FOOL.

  5. How many people are guiding him not to fall, he cannot climb the stairs himself without assistance, may we the citizens of this country receive sense not to enter second chance of evil change again.

  6. Mr Tunde, there’s nothing fake in the video please. By your statement it seems you are not honest to yourself. It shows that you are one of the PSYCHOPHANTS and flatterers pushing a SICKLING SHAKING TREMBLING and mentally derailled person to be the President os nigeria. God forbid bad thing.

    1. Mr clement have you ever wear agbada or babariga? Anybody wearing agbada can step on the edge of it at any time. It’s not a sin for Tinubu to have stepped on his agbada. If you have any thing to do go and sleep.

  7. This is normal. Even you Dino can miss your step. Stop making mountain out of nothing. Mr Dino when are you going to get a little sense?

  8. Eyin eyan Radada…people like you are highly tribalistic…You don’t love Nigeria,so because Tinubu is a Yoruba man we can’t speak the truth…Can People like Tinubu fight corruption ..I’m very sure your extended family are also suffering from what all Nigerians are suffering..May God deliver us from self Centered Political class.

  9. That’s why they mostly use high rise luxury bus to prevent him from climbing stairs at campaign venues. Who are they deceiving?

  10. Mr clement have you ever wear agbada or babariga? Anybody wearing agbada can step on the edge of it at any time. It’s not a sin for Tinubu to have stepped on his agbada. If you do not have any thing to do go and sleep.

    1. Mr clement have you ever wear agbada or babariga? Anybody wearing agbada can step on the edge of it at any time. It’s not a sin for Tinubu to have stepped on his agbada. If you do not have any thing to do go and sleep.

    2. Buoda Oluwole, is it only one time he has mistepped, or that he has been incoherent?
      Fear God and stop defending the indefensible. This is bad market. Accept before it is too late!

  11. The truth is that BAT isn’t fit enough to hold the reign of world most populous Black Nation, to be honest. Your sentiment brought BAT instead of Osibanjo. And to be frank with you, your sentiment shall backfire.

  12. Baba believes he has money, power and influence to push his way. So he has been singing “chop my money, spend my money. I don’t care…”. Majority of the people packaging him are doing so because of the money they chopped in the past, are chopping currently and/or they will chop if he wins.
    Right now they are singing “a o merin joba ewekun ewele” (we are crowning the elephant, let dance). In that folk tale where this song was extracted, the elephant didn’t know the mat laid for him as King had a big pit underneath. The elephant never had the opportunity to retrace his steps before falling into that pit because he was blinded by the quest and thirst for power.
    The key question we should always ask ourselves is *how would I like to be remembered?*
    The one that sees black and calls it white because of personal interest or
    the one that calls a spade a spade in the interest of future generation?”.
    And for Baba himself, if he wins, how will he be remembered? Like that African president farting at conference? Like the African president urinating in his trouser while standing on parade? Like that president that sleeps all through events.
    Or like a president that turned around his country in the right direction or into further pit?
    BAT in his younger days would have been more marketable notwithstanding all the tainting. But as at today, if you are blind, you can hear, and if you are deaf, you can see. How much more if you have both eyes and hears functioning, yet you are bent on going this route!
    Whatever the result is, we pray to live beyond the 4 or 8 years so that we can reflect again.

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