JUST IN: “What I will do to IPOB members if they attack me Abroad” – Rotimi Amaechi

Nigeria’s Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi has reacted to reports that Nigerian politicians are afraid to travel abroad following threats of assault by members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

Amaechi, who spoke to LEGIT, revealed that he is not afraid and would ‘defend’ himself if attacked. Recall that the former deputy senate president, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, was attacked by some IPOB members in Germany a few weeks ago. This has heightened cautiousness among politicians concerning their safety abroad.

“What do you mean by that? Scared of who? I’m going to Geneva, let them come. You know there is something called self-defence? Abegi!”

“I will go to America or a place I have a function to attend to. The solution is not in attacking the politicians”.

Speaking on the solution to Nigeria’s problem which he believes should be followed instead of attacking politicians, Amaechi stated that the Nigerian economy has to be changed from consumption to production economy.

”Nigeria economy is a consumption economy. We have to change it from a consumption economy to a productive economy”.

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  1. Amechi u have spoken well, but remember that u stole rivers money and monorail project was a way u used to steal the money, lpob is waiting for u just try to visit any country even Africa country. I believe lpob will recover that money for zoo government sharp sharp, we are waiting thank u

    1. Ipob ? if you are calling for a free biafran State then targeting your own politicians will not be a reasnable action to take as it shows imaturity , childness and it any put face to face with your host countries specially as most of you are husslers in diaspora engaing in frudlent online businesses as the evidence showed recently with the arrest of over 70 igbo boys in USA by FBI .
      secondly if Nigeria is a zoo then why are you borthering yourselves chacing the animals out side their domain? if you dont beleive in the zoo why waisting your time? go . look the present IPOB plus the yahoo igbo boy are nothing to the zoo but a shamless wild animals that eat their own flesh. wake up to your struggle instead of disgracing yourselves all over the world. With this mentality you will never be in the nigerian zoo where your father was born nor you will form a zoo you called Biafra

  2. Ameachi will not hesitate to show his level of stupidity, have you not been there, you are the chief director of consumption, if you knw this your head is complete just travel to any country and see yourself in pieces.

  3. minister of transport. Rotimi amechi & is brother of apc Adam oshomole as far as l am concerned de level of dere stupility is a disgrace to dere states & in Nigeria gvmt l agree wit govnor wiki word to osho omo le old big fool

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