Why APC built church in national secretariat – Ganduje reveals

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, has, while inspecting the ongoing construction of a new chapel at the party’s national secretariat, hailed it as a symbol of religious inclusivity and national progress.

Ganduje, speaking to reporters after his inspection, said that the chapel reflects the party’s commitment to diversity and interfaith harmony.

He said: “The ongoing renovation and new innovation are for the advancement of the party and the nation. There was no church before. Nobody attended church on the property, but we now have a new church.

“We have shops around the building to avoid street hawking. We also have concrete drainage. In terms of outlook and equipment, I have not seen any representation of modern technology. We are no longer in the analogue era.

“However, I think what I have seen here is analogue. But, our media people are not analogue. So, let us see the media center as a digital platform. I want you to discuss this with my chief of staff on it.

“I want a media center such that from here you can talk to media houses sometimes live. Our blueprint is to increase the number of legislators in the country. The number of governors in the country, as well as the number of state houses of assembly. That is why we stated that APC will be active all year.

“In our tradition, political parties as institutions are usually only active during electioneering. However, in modern democracies, political parties as an institution are active because they are not confined to election and membership recruiting.

“It’s a two-way traffic. It informs the public about the government’s progress and makes recommendations about its manifestos. This is how the government is evaluated. That is how Renewed Hope is realized.”

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  1. Building a structure in the name of chapel does not reflect any inclusiveness but deceit of those who don’t know the game the party is playing. Whatever scheme you people play we know.

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