Why Nigerian youths should not consider greener pastures abroad -FG


The Federal Government has cautioned Nigerian youths against considering greener pastures abroad, saying it is counterproductive to its effort to build the country’s economy.

In an interview, Memunat Idu-Lah, the Director of International Cultural Relations in the Ministry of Information and Culture, advised the youths to seek opportunities within the country, owing to the fact that seeking greener pastures elsewhere may endanger their lives.

According to her, there are different empowerment programmes of the federal government that can enable youths to be productive.

Her words: “Our youths should look inward and be creative. Everybody has one creativity or the other. Everybody has something they’re born to do in this world.

“I think we should discourage the youths from going out. If they need support, there are some government agencies saddled with the responsibility of providing many empowerment programmes.

“These agencies can support youths to learn something and be productive, rather than looking at running out. We should not think of going out. We should try to look inward and believe in the government’s programmes.

“The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (SMEDAN) is there, and so many programmes that the government has put in place to help the youths — to encourage them.

“The people coming to take them will not tell them the truth. It is only when the children are out of the village and they are with their traffickers alone, that’s when sometimes, it is too late and they can’t go back.

“So, they have to know that everything is not [about] money. The children can stay back in Nigeria, even help Nigeria’s economy, because when they use their hands to do something creative, they can add to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the nation, instead of even losing our good hands in the name of trafficking and they die in the process.

“Both ways, we are trying to help the economy and we are also trying to save lives that are going to be lost. We hear cases of organ trafficking, organ sales. They kill people in the process and sell their organs — all sorts of things are going on.

“We are going to use the commemoration of this year’s World Slavery and its Abolition Day to create awareness on the effects of these vices.”

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