Wike’s ally, Samuel Nwanosike, calls Gov Fubara ‘mumu’ while addressing supporters [VIDEO]

In a trending video, Samuel Nwanosike, an ally of FCT minister Nyesom Wike and the Executive Chairman of Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers, referred to the state governor, Sim Fubara, as a ‘mumu’.

Addressing his supporters, Nwanosike decried the ethnic politics that have characterised Rivers state since the political disagreements between Wike and Fubara became public knowledge.

He noted that some Ijaw people are being ungrateful for how they have insulted Wike due to the disagreements with Governor Fubara.

His words:

”They want to pay good for evil. That lie would not stand. Let it be put on record, under Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, more Ijaw sons and daughters have been given greater political appointments in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

”Nyesom Wike has been instrumental to all those Ijaw sons and daughters having those wonderful political appointments. And I am happy our leader, the Gburugburu 1, Eze Ndigbo, came out here and made it clear that Nyesom Wike, as an Ikwerre man, has done the unthinkable that no man can do.

”He told Ikwerre people, ‘Fear not. I know where I am leading you. I will never mislead you.’ Allow them; we all belong to the same Rivers state; let them have a bite of the cake, too, as a people. He gave them the power, not because he was afraid of them. He gave them the power for equity, fairness and justice.

Switching to pidgin English, and asking the crowd, Nwanosike said: ”But if you give mumu man wey no know something power, he go carry am play, hin go carry am play, no be so?”

The crowd responded: ” Na so.”

Watch the video below:

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  1. He wike has done his parts let him allow fubara breath, he should not hold river state ransom, now you clain to give mumu power who is to blame , you give mumu power because you be mumu.. River people is going to teach you and wike , all that supports injustice lessons… calling you governor mumu publicly? You will pay for it . Know it wike and fubara will still come together now or after his regime.

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