2023: 70-Yr-Old woman picks Accord’s presidential candidate Prof. Imumolen over Peter Obi

As the 2023 general elections draw near, candidates, especially those vying for the number one position in the country have continued to latch on to the mass media to reach out to millions of potential voters.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that one of these candidates who have been leveraging the media to share their vision is Professor Chris Imumolen, the presidential candidate of Accord.

The 38-yr-old presidential candidate was on TVC recently to speak to Nigerians on how he intends to fix the country if elected as president. During the live programme which was anchored by veteran broadcaster, Yori Folarin, a woman in her 70s who was apparently impressed by how Imumolen spoke on how he will tackle the problems in Nigeria phoned in from Jos to share her view about the Accord’s candidate.

The woman who introduced herself as Ladeji said: “My contribution is about the Youths themselves. Actually, I am not for any of the old people. I am an old woman, I am in my 70s and I am tired of them. We are supposed to take care of our children but we are killing them in so many ways.”

Continuing, Ladeji said she was once rooting for the Labour Party because of Peter Obi and for the interest of the Igbos, but has decided to go for a younger candidate because she believes the Youths deserve power while pointing out that the old ones need to leave.

“ I am not really for APC or PDP. I went for the Labour Party because I want to give Igbo a chance. But for this morning, I am for Accord, I have changed my mind. I am backing the younger ones. Now my message is to Nigerian Youths, you are the ones that have Nigeria, these ones that are wrecking Nigeria are almost going. Time will tell, they have to go.”

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