Xenophobia: Nigerians in South-Africa arm themselves with Cutlasses, threaten to Retaliate [PICS]

Following the recent spate of Xenophobic attacks in South-Africa, Nigerian Immigrants have armed themselves with Cutlasses and various weapons in self-defence.

South-Africa has been making headlines over the past few days following the resurgence of xenophobic attacks on Immigrants especially Nigerians and Zimbabweans. Several videos of South-Africans killing foreigners and burning, looting their shops have elicited wide-spread condemnation.

In response to this, Nigerians and some other foreigners in the country have decided to arm themselves and fight back. Below is a video of some Nigerians collecting sharp cutlasses and other dangerous objects from the boot of a saloon car, threatening to retaliate.

Watch the footage below;

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  1. If you don’t want fellow blacks here in south Africa, forfeit your business and companies and possibly your relatives in their country. And protests to get out fron AU. Simple… stop fooling yourself by accusing Nigerians on social media.

  2. I think nigerians they should leave cause they are the only one who caused problem people they would not attack foreign nationals if it was not nigerians everywhere in the world cause problem they behave like dogs they can’t live with people they have to leave only nigerians.

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