“You can’t drag Ondo to your sick bed” – PDP tells Akeredolu to hand over to Aiyedatiwa

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo has asked Governor Rotimi Akeredolu to transmit power to his deputy, Lucky Aiyedatiwa, for smooth running of the state.

Ondo State PDP chairman, Fatai Adams, gave the charge at a news conference at the party’s secretariat in Akure on Tuesday.

Adams, who said that the party wished the governor well in his quest to get back to full fitness, however, noted that the collective well-being of the people of the state was more paramount.

According to him, Akeredolu must abide by the advice he offered to the late President Umar Yar’Adua then and transmit power to Aiyedatiwa in the interest of the state.

“The business of administering the state is not a tea party or a picnic; it demands every attention that can be mustered,” Adams said.

“Much as we know, our governor is sick or at best, recuperating; thus he remains missing in action and our state deserves every attention. This is why the constitution has made provision for a period like this.”

Adams alleged that the level of impunity since the absence of Akeredolu in the state was alarming, addling that the people ‘abhor, detest, disapprove and reject’ such development.

“We also note the total indiscipline and rudeness of some members of the State Executive Council to the office of the deputy governor,” he continued.

“This merely indicates that the Akeredolu administration is rudderless, not cohesive and bereft of the required legitimacy to remain atop of the affairs of government any longer.

“We urge Akeredolu to have a sense of history. He must care enough about what history will record about him.

“Truly, he is the governor but the health of the state cannot be dragged with him to his sick bed. Posterity will not take kindly to this mean and shortsighted attitude,” he said.

Adams, who alleged that ‘curious and inexplicable expenditure’ had been the order of the day in the state, demanded for the balance sheet of the state finances.

”PDP is more committed to discharging its responsibilities to the people and will take cogent actions to expose the many underhand actions devised to fleece the state of its money, assets and resources.

”In a short while, we will prepare and release to the public a compendium of illegal and illicit actions taken by functionaries of government to compromise our financial health and other sundry unpatriotic actions geared toward compromising the wellness of our future,” he said.

Adams warned his APC counterpart in the state to desist from making ‘denigrating and pedestrian remarks’ against the PDP, saying that this would be met with replies with the same measure.

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