Edo 2020: “Tinubu is my Godfather” – Desmond Elliot replies Obaseki


Nollywood actor and member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon Desmond Elliot, says the national leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is his godfather.

Reacting to the “Edo no be Lagos” campaign by Governor Obaseki and the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in the Edo governorship election at a rally in Benin, Elliot admitted that he is a product of godfatherism.

The APC lawmaker representing Surulere Constituency slammed Obaseki for saying that the practice of godfatherism continued in Lagos State for 13 years after Bola Tinubu left the office as governor.

He also mocked the governor’s effective campaign strategy to mobilize Edo state residents to vote for him and godfatherism.

He said: “Asiwaju Tinubu as never for one day asks me to do something that he knows will be detrimental. He is a progressive man.”

Speaking on Obaseki’s aim to end godfatherism in Edo, Desmond Elliot said;

“Let me tell you, loyalty is important. A godfather always looks for the interest of the people.

“What does he mean by Edo can’t be Lagos. Lagos state makes an IGR of over 30 billion every month. You cannot hear about unpaid salaries or pension, so why would you say Edo cant be Lagos because you are trying to sell an idea.”

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  1. this Elliot is complete idiot. Lagos IGR shouldn’t have less than 100B if not for godfatherizm. Some idiot and glutton like this Elliot pocketing money that is meant for development.
    As at today, Lagos has highest no of beggar. The poor is bearing the brunt of non-accountanbility in Lagos. Ask petty trader in lagos

  2. No wonder you only succeeded in building public toilet.You are not ashamed of having a crook as your godfather.Shame on you.

  3. we already know say TINUBU is your godfateher, Congratulation. You see your Destinty in Life may be tammed by A god father if you do not know. Good luck. you did not even know that they are using your star to shine as they sent you to Edo now. I pity you Desmond. You better wake up now. What Obaseki is doing is very good for the future of Edo people. I pray that He wins So that god fatherism can only be witnessed in Lagos

    1. Jack I think u have to been rethink PDP is the party of god fatherism don’t be deceive u can’t get a automatic ticket u should ask the governor how much he spend to get it but u didn’t see that as a crime all what PDP is doing is right in ur sight the same u people we say APC candidate is a Muslim at the same time Muslim we come to Edo an campaign for PDP is big disgrace to u and ur supporter’s

  4. In any country be it developing or developed country theres always some one you look up to. Asiwaju Tinubu has proved over the years to Nigeria of his a true leader ship whose political popularity has gone beyond the shore of Nigeria..Tinubu style of Politics very progressive and his mentorship many future leader uncomparabl;e in Nigeria.Obaseki should knows a tree never makes a forest as saying Asiwaju Tinubu a Godfather of Desmond Elliot as a compliment and progressive Politics .Nigeria should be very proud to have Produced a Political leader of Asiwaju Tinubu calibre .How i wish the country can produce dozen progressive politicians like him..Majority Nigerians in diaspora acknowledge Asiwaju Tinubu immense contribution to the modern day politics in nigeria..The foundation he laid down in Lagos State as a Governor had earned the State as economic powerhouse in Africa and beyond.

    1. It’s very clear now that you and the whatever he’s called wether it’s sumondere orDesmondindinrin-ode are two copies one original IDIOT. Every body are now campaigning for positive changes and praying to God n gods to help put a permanent end to godfather(s) in Nigeria . You a big are here praising Tinu-ibu , Tinu-igi or wherever he chose to come from , and his good for nothing, soon to be forgotten and dead politically, devil’s anointed godson Desmond Sumondere Dindinrin Elliott. What e exactly is your plan, oh ! You think they care about you , you want appointments and recognition from them . My guy sit down there dey wait . If ever they call you to come , just know that they have bad plans,covered, carefully rapped and kept inside a nice looking container for you .

  5. @ Obaseki is it not godfatherism that brought you into power in Edo state?
    you that can’t even speak or addresses people and i watched as the formal governor Adams oshomole does all the talking for you during last election campaining in Oluku

    1. My dear you are a fool here is not Lagos . Where on man tune himself to a wall lord God almighty Is our God father go and hid yourself yourself my friend

  6. Godfatherism is evil and must be jettisoned in our Nigeria. Desmond Elliot is very stupid on his remarks. I hate when respected people speak from the both sides of their mouths

  7. Obasaki is a noisemaker, without the help of Oshomole you ll’ d have win nothing, I was even laughing when Adams Oshomole choose you 2016 to be APC flag bearer because you look like iron bender.

  8. These are mere fools who sell their destiny for a pot of soup.
    He is empty and cannot win election if he doesn’t join evil men who do not wish Nigeria well. Tax masters and Shylocks.
    A shame to the young generation.
    Their end has come.

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