New global ranking shows Nigeria has the highest number of homeless persons in 2023

A new global ranking from the World Population Review shows Nigeria has the highest number of homeless persons in 2023.

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, grapples with a significant homeless population due to several intertwined factors.

Rapid population growth, at around 2.6% annually, strains the country’s resources, including housing.

High poverty rates, with over 40% of Nigerians living below the national poverty line, make it difficult for many to access necessities like shelter.

Below is the data from World Population Review:

1) Nigeria: 24,400,000
2) Pakistan: 20,000,000
3) Egypt: 12,000,000
4) Syria: 6,568,000
5) DR Congo: 5,332,000
6) Bangladesh: 5,000,000
7) Colombia: 4,943,000
8) Afghanistan: 4,660,000
9) Philippines: 4,500,000
10) Yemen: 3,858,000

Homelessness can be attributed to various factors, such as poverty, mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence, and the scarcity of affordable housing in many countries, all of which contribute to the problem.

Homelessness can have a devastating impact, leading to increased health issues, vulnerability to violence, social isolation, and educational challenges for individuals and families.

Experts say several things can be done to address homelessness, including Investing in affordable housing and providing support services to homeless people.

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