Shehu Sani reveals “best way to penalise” Sheikh Gumi for visiting Igboho


Following the condemnation by the Aareonakakanfo of Yorubaland, Gani Adams and other Yoruba leaders of Sheikh Ahmad Gumi’s visitation to Igboho town last weekend, former Kaduna senator, Shehu Sani, has made a humorous offer.

According to Sani, “for visiting South West without notice or permission”, the discontented individuals should protest “by visiting Kaduna without notice or permission”.

“The best way to penalise Sheikh Gumi for visiting South West without notice or permission is for the aggrieved to revenge by visiting Kaduna without notice or permission,” Sani wrote on his verified Twitter handle on Saturday.

POLITICS NIGERIA recalls that reacting after an emergency meeting recently, the South-West Security Stakeholders Group (SSSG) described Gumi’s visit as “provocative”.

They dismissed Sheikh Gumi’s visit to Igboho town, saying the visit was an “attempt to mock and undermine the efforts of the Yoruba activists and freedom fighters”.

They also claimed that the Islamic cleric’s body language, utterances in Igboho town “truly showed that he was behind the DSS attack on Igboho’s Soka home, and that part of the Yoruba territories have been conquered”.

“Gumi is a Nigerian, he has a right to visit any part of the country but it shouldn’t be to the extent of being deliberately attacking Igboho’s ideology in his hometown.

“Such an attempt is provocative and can lead to a crisis. That was why it elicited various reactions. Gumi’s ideas are always at variance with the present reality in the country and I think it is better for him to desist from fanning the embers of discord in the country and the southwest in particular,” part of the SSSG’s statement added.

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  1. Sheik Gumi coming to Sunday Igboho homeland is an affront. He should not have been allowed to go back without something to show for his foolishness. I blame some coward Yoruba elders who refused to rise to the occasion in let him Gumi know you can’t spite people and go scot free

  2. The presence of Gumi undoubtedly undermined the fragile relationship between the South West and the killer herdsmen. In what capacity has he come to inspect the town now when there’s relative peace in that environment

  3. There’s freedom of movement in Nigeria, but Gumi’s visit to IGBOHO looks very suspicious as the man is affiliated to terrorists group/herdsmen. Southern regions should keep eyes on forests in their states as terrorists will plan their strategic striking from the forests. There should be regular patrols of the forest and no one should be allowed to lodge in the forest. All the villages in Igboho’s area should have nights guardsmen for some period until ban on open grazing angers by Fulani herdsmen will goes down

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