Supreme Court adjourns governorship hearings till Tuesday


The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Tanko Muhammad on Monday adjourned all governorship appeals before the Supreme Court to Tuesday.

Justice Muhammad said the adjournment is due to an illness suffered by one of the judges on the seven-man panel. This came just after he suspended proceedings for minutes due to crowd and noise control problems. The judge remains unnamed.

Meanwhile, men believed to be supporters of the incumbent governor of Bauchi state pelted the former state governor, Mohammed Abubakar, with water. Mohammed is the appellant contesting Governor Bala Mohammed’s victory at the poll.

The incident occurred on the Supreme Court premises to shouts of “Barawo” as his security operatives whisked him off to safety.

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  1. That’s how to shame this illegal CJN. A notoriousley corrupt individual. Mr technicality, it is unfortunate that a country surprem Court will be entrusted in a hand of such religious bigot.treating all secular issues from his narrow religious view point.

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