Tinubu suffers another gaffe, asks Lagosians to “go and take your APV”

Bola Tinubu, presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), on Saturday, suffered a gaffe while speaking at his campaign in Lagos State.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that rally was held at the Teslim Balogun Stadium in Surulere.

While soliciting for votes and encouraging attendees to obtain their Permanent Voters Card (PVC), Tinubu said: “Do you love me? Go and take your APV, APC, and you must vote.”

Watch the video here.

It is the second time in successive days that Tinubu will commit a blunder while speaking.

On Friday, the 70-year-old wrongly described the governorship candidate of Delta State for the 2023 election, Ovie Omo-Agege, as contesting for the position of ‘Niger Delta’ State governor.

This newspaper reports that concerns have been raised over Tinubu’s health and fitness, but the former Lagos State governor has declared that he is not sick but hale and hearty, saying it often baffles him when the opposition kept insisting that he is sick or question his mental capacity.

Recently, Media Scholar, Prof. Farooq Kperogi, said the speech blunders committed by Tinubu, are evidence of his worsening health.

Writing in his weekly column, Kperogi said should the former Lagos State governor win the presidency in 2023, Nigeria would suffer.

Since his emergence as the candidate of the APC in June, the spotlight has been on Tinubu who has suffered several gaffes.


  1. Some Nigeria news editors are acting like they are completely perfect. I just don’t know why you are stereotyping Tinubu words; Tinubu has become your sleepless night that you are trying to pick on every word he utters from his mouth. most of you are jungle editors and does not even know the principle of journalism, take president os America as an example Joe BIden , he made mistake sometimes, but he been crucified like you Nigeria News Editors. what is your problem? You are simply sick up head. This obidiots you are all shouting all about. Can you give me one word to describe him that he is the right person to be Nigeria president. This obi is pretender and has nothing to offer Nigeria. You are become buffoon of fools and miscreants attacking Tinubu personality Get something to do with your write up and stop being Armageddon of o delusional hyena.

      1. But this is not a mistake my friend theirs no doubt about it, its just that age have come and he can not cheat the nature he is too old he should respect his age and go rest. This is my advice.

      2. Nobody has been concerned about tinunbu only now he ask that the destiny of Nigeria, (our dear, but sick country ) be handed over to him. And think we have the right to know or question his mental capacity which is also a constructional requirement!

    1. You are clearly refusing to see what is under your nose perhaps due to ethnic sentiment. Nigerians are really concerned because if this man Tinibu wins the election, his government will be controlled by Cabals because he will not be up to it. He is simply old and sick. He needs rest and not the presidency. His deputy and his cronies will hijack the government . There’s nothing wrong in being old. My brother try and see the bigger picture.

      1. Mr adebambo,from the news I don’t think I came across peter obi’s name..why the sudden mention of his name???then Joe biden is being ridiculously ridicule by the American press if you find out to check…anybody aspiring to be a leader will have to be home with this…

      2. What is the big picture?
        … Obi or Atiku?

        These men had made several mistakes in the past too. Obi is even worse among the candidates. That man has no leadership skill of what so ever.
        Even his followers don’t listen to him.

        1. E no go work this time ok,we re tired of collecting money from our grandparents.Nigeria must be fix and the time has come to fix our country Nigeria,what is the meaning of Bula..ua bula a,hahahah what re you saying re you alright.Nigeria must stand shame to you

    2. Most of you still supporting this senile man are the unfortunate enemies of progress. Is it not the same Tinubu that sold Buhari to us with propaganda? What does Tinubu has as the leader of the cult group APC that he didn’t teach his party but he is coming in to do? Most Nigerians are fools but not all…This incoherent man will only lead Nigeria to a journey of no return just to make name….Only God will safe this country from hypocrites that are never ready to say the truth

    3. Please have consicens and cote wisely. If tinubu have helped u befoee please go to his house and thank him. Nigeria is not tinubus birthright and never will. says:

      Tinubu you are supporting deceived Nigerians and made them vote for your buhari. Out of all the over 69 promises that were made to Nigerians, none was kept. And you have the guts to campaign for Tinubu. The man who recently during the primaries confirmed her singlehandedly brought in hardship in from of buhari upon Nigerians. He can’t walk on his own, he can’t talk without making errors, his bands shake, his age is unknown, his school mates are unknown. Please fear God na. If u have a company and tinubu and obi come for a job interview, who will you employ? Please fear God and stop being a tribal bigot. If tinubu have helped u carried drugs or help u in anyway before please go to his house with your family and thank him. Don’t risk Nigerians future bcos kd your selfish gains. And please don’t forget former president Jonathan was insulted more than this thing you are calling insult on your god tinubu.Considering how apc have taken Nigeria backward in only 7 years, no sane Nigeria will vote Apc into power not to now talk more of tinubu that singlehandedly brought in buhari in 2015. And Nigerians are wiser now. God has forgiven us all our sins and that’s why I’m confident this election will retire tire from the face of Nigerian politics.

    4. When the gaffes become consistent then there’s a big problem. I hope you will not because he is a Yoruba man not mind even if his faculties are not working in sync?

    5. Tinubu’s memory is dead my friend. The gaffe is becoming too many. God bless PD..APC, he made same gaffe at Gbaramatu yesterday when he said Omo Agee will be the next governor of Nuger Delta state and today he said get you APV instead of PVC. If APC win (God forbid), Shetimma the boko haram sponsor will rule for 8years and Nigerians will go their separate ways.

      1. If NIGERIANS go their separate ways means what? Ibos would commit group suicide cuz they can’t wait for another 16yrs to try the Presidency again.This is the cause of Easterners madness. It won’t work. Smart Ibos have sent in 1billion Naira towards Tinubu’s election.QED

    6. Leave tribal sentiments and do the needful, when will our youths grow up, see how a young Nigwrian be fighting for a 98 years old man to rule us again despite obvious signs of deteriorated health, just because he is your tribes man I pity you serious I feel your shame grow up small boy.

    7. At this crucial time of Nigeria’s political journey, the country cannot afford to tolerate or bear with a “president” who habitually, inadvertently declares statements IN ERROR. That’s because, by those “simple mistakes,” he will set the whole country on fire without knowing what/that he has done ANY wrong! — Just like you his present ardent admirers can’t just see, or even notice, how unpresidential and embarrassing his present errors are!

    8. Mr adebambo,from the news I don’t think I came across peter obi’s name..why the sudden mention of his name???then Joe biden is being ridiculously ridicule by the American press if you find out to check…anybody aspiring to be a leader will have to be home with this…

    9. What do you expect them to do? Dance to the market square as mad people and sing tinubu praises. Can’t idiots and bigots like u be one bit objective. Too many gaffes so many in a whiff for one damn old man. You love him so much but u can’t advise him to go and rest before he dies on the campaign trail.

    10. You have Simply refused to see facts due to ethnicity . What had Obi has to do with Tinubu’s blinders.Tinubu is a bad product for marketing

    11. Guy wake up this is not sentiments at all,we both know that Tinubu is not fit.its not a do or die affair, what do we stand to benefit from Tinubu becoming the president,look around the world how sick head of state are running their countries.

    12. With all these gaffes you want the electorate to close their eyes and be led like blind men and women in the wilderness for another 4/8 years? Habba! But Sorry sir, BAT wants to be our president but we have decided not to continue in the one chance vehicle he put us since 2015.
      From the outings, composures and other attitudes and pertinent qualities the three foremost contenders have displayed for us the electorates to see and judge from, BAT will be the worst president in the history of Nigeria. He has absolutely nothing to offer Nigeria. He is only interested in money and power, not the electorate.

    13. What are you saying? You want the destines of more than 20 million people to be governed by a man has who consistently shown mental incapacity? The truth is Tinubu is not fit to be president any more than the red-flag has indicated. If you’re benefitting anything supporting him, you might need to let go of your self-centered interest.

    14. My dear Tunde, Tinubu’s health should be a concern to the nation, He is to represent Nigeria in the international level if he wins the presidency and that man cannot make perfect speeches without repetitions, bluffing, getting lost in thought, being incoherent and inability to understand and comprehend easily and having a touch of dementia. I bet you that Buhari is a bit healthier than Tinubu. But wait, How can hale and hearty Nigerians be agreeing and converging to vote a man that is passed his prime both physically and mentally.
      We should find a way to get it right by voting for Peter obi

    15. But the editors are not contesting election to rule over the people. So even if they are not perfect, how does that affect the electorate. They are only answerable to their employers. But in the case of Tinubu, he is applying for the job of ruling over the people. Hence, the people reserve the right to scrutinize the individual who wants them to place their destiny in his hands. To say that no one should question his glaring foibles is like saying that people should gamble with their lives. I understand that some people are very comfortable with gambling. But they should understand that there are some others who loath it. And they are entitled to their own viewpoint and attitude to life.

    16. I don’t know why you keep drumming support for someone that has now been proven to have dementia. Must he be commiting blunders everyday. You said Joe biden once made a mistake. Mind you once. But Tinubus case is different, everyday he comes up with one. How can somebody that is clamoring to be our president not know that it is PVC that is used for election and does not know the states in the country he wants to preside over. Or he has already created a new state in Nigeria called the Niger Delta State to be governed by Omo Agege

    17. I hate people that cannot condemn what is wrong because it affects them or their relatives. Oga, is that how BAT would be fit to rule this nation?

    18. Funny enough, the Tinubu you are defending will not leave Atiku alone in every campaign rally he attends. Bros I tell the truth some headlines are not worth debated.

    19. You need help more than Tinubu, so you cannot see that this man has depreciated so much in his mind and brain. Take a look at Tinubu in 2019 when he campaign for Buhari and now you will see the c sharp differences. We are talking of the president of the country not an oba or bale .common man wake up from your slumber

    20. Are you Ok at all? So with all these blunders coming out from Tinubu you’re still supporting him to lead you and your children come 2023.
      Are you cursed?

    21. Guy u no dey shame to defend that man why old age don finish him brain. Perhaps he is now into hard drugs in search of boldness but killing him self indirectly. If not what makes collapse on stage most of the time. U people want them to go into power then die in 6months time. Then another dead person will start rulling nizeria.

      It won’t work egbuo .

    22. Oh perm those bunch of cheap gibberish. If Obi is a pretender or watever u feel He is, tell me one reason an unstable person is preferable? Now u are likenening him to Biden u must be very sick. Wat kinda gaffe does Biden make? Is Tinubu being talked about for gaffing in his tenses or for completely losing his mind? People supporting Tinubu must really have their brain down their asses, cos it would only take someone who reason with their backside to understand U all.

    23. Your writing is definitely deviod of objectivity. Lacks wisdom and good judgment. Nigeria needs to move from tribal politics

    24. I have a simple to the idiot called tunde. You blamed the Nigerian journalists for stereotyping and the next thing Obi became your problem too. Is obi a journalist? You are just an ethnic biggot and your type should be ignored bc you will maroon in the high see.

    25. Tunde, you’re a stupid bigot…
      One sentence gaf is understandable, but over and over BAT has shown he’s not stable in mind and body and your stupidity and bigotry keeps blinding you.. it can never be well with you sir because you don’t mean well for Nigeria supporting a known criminal, drug lord and dyslexic

    26. I thought maybe came here to say something important never new you are among the animals and brain dead group how can you endorse a man whose brain and body is dead already all because you were given some chicken noodles changed you sold the future off ur children tinubu brain and everything in his system are not functioning so please advise him to go and rest animals in group

    27. I didn’t blame you, coz it gives me no joy blaming you coz I can see you’re also sick like Tinubu your father that you’re backing. I can see you’re part of those people that doesn’t want the progress of this country, because I don’t know what an old man like Tinubu wants to offer this country, someone who is not mentally and physically fit like him cannot govern this country. He commits blunders every here and then, is this the way you want him to be representing this country in an international conference? Pls Mr Man it’s high time you wake up from your sleep and let’s vote someone who has all what it takes to govern this country the way it should be govern, it’s time to sweep this old people from their sit of power and introduce the youth into the system.

    28. You are saying what you are saying because you apply tribalism in your judgement and that is why Nigeria is backward today,say the truth is Tinubu healthy?if he is making errors at this level if become president what do you think will happen, please don’t because of tribalism Mortgage the future of your children.

    29. You are just speaking English…. must he be making blunders everywhere he goes….. why can’t you think he could make blunder in the course of governing the country? Are we not tired of ethnic politics….Mr. man…

    30. Young man, stop attacking them, they are actually giving the right write ups. Have you not been hearing all the blunders he’s been saying of late?? That is a clear indication that, that 87year old man claimed 70 is sick and needs some medical attention. Let him do himself good and go rest and take proper care of himself. I swear down Nigerians will suffer God forbid he wins. Mark my words.

    31. You and your tinubu are shameless, how long will the old fool be making grvious mistakes, this is how God will continue to disgrace you and your tinubu, foolish people

    32. You are wicked if Tinubu is your father will you advice him to go and die because you want him to be a president because you are a Yoruba lokan, the position Tinubu held in Nigeria is it not enough for him with respect? So if you love Tinubu and you don’t live him to die, tell him to rest so that he can still more longer with his wealth, tell him to substitute himself with Osibajo, or Fashola or Ambode. Tinubu is old and health is not on his side.

    33. Yurobas are fools indeed.
      I have not seen any yurobas with sense,you fools are still supporting TINUBU shame to all yurobas

    34. I never know that you’re so blind to see what is going on in this country Nigeria, what have APC and your so called Tinubu offer Nigerians for 7years plus now. We need a youth as president and Peter Obi is the only one that is qualify for that office. Let me shock you, that come 2023 Obi will be the president of this country. Thanks

    35. The man is mentally not fit. All what he did in Lagos State, he did 16yrs ago when he was strong, now alot of waters have passed under the bridge
      Urging him to take on the heculian task is sending him to the grave before his time. Just check out what has happened in the campaign rallies, how he had to be help climb the podiums. Don’t you have conscience?

  2. Your Mumu don do, so suffer no de tire you?
    Let’s try a fresh man, corrupt free man so that he will fix this country forget APC/ PDP,
    obi-Datti is the Answer

  3. Old age is really telling on this Man. I think he need some break, his kind is not what Nigeria needs now, having suffered same in the hands of@PMB whom he said he single handedly made President.

  4. @TUNDE ADEBAMBO, is your mind and preception working efficiently? Do you need a prophet to convince you that TINUBU is seriously sick and mentally deranged? Can’t you differentiate between a slip of the tongue and loss of memory or dementia?

    My friend, take it or leave it, TINUBU is suffering from dementia. And you want such a misfit to lead us? You too need to undergo a mental checkup.

    1. Is so unfortunate that some people refused to see the truth, being blinded by sentiment. Tinubu is not mentally, physically fit to be Nigeria president.

    2. Maybe he’s one of those people that have sold their future all because of the little change they earn from him.

    3. Obi not made several mistakes in the past? EVEN WORSE! that means Obi is sick and he need to see the doctor too! He even lied that him and Odili played football together.. That means he has memory loss!

    4. It’s u guys that’s sick. None of of u guys can do 1/10 of d rigour u guys are going through. At times when u’re over excited,u can sleep tongue-that’s natural. Stop picking petty things. Deal with substance.

      By the way, Tinubu is ur next president. Take it or leave it.

  5. If someone tell you that your brother is sick that the following are the symptoms of his health, what will you do?
    1. He is using pampers
    2. He easily forgets things
    3. He talks out of points n misinterpret words by himself
    4. He does not remember where he is going n were he is presently
    5. His hand are shaking occasionally

  6. When will tribal sentiments leave our young unemployed youths fighting for 98 years old sickly man to take over kai I really feel your shame it’s obvio you are an illiterate

  7. You have Simply refused to see facts due to ethnicity . What had Obi has to do with Tinubu’s blinders.Tinubu is a bad product for marketing

  8. Tinubu was just talking nonsense in Ebonyi State too. He said and I quote…. They could not even pay for the damn roasted corn of the damn electricity. So what is that supposed to mean. He also said that power generation is the major highway for the generated electricity.

  9. Adebambo is only being emotional and sentimental with his grammatical errors. Anybody under any disguise supporting a sick person to be president of this great country must either be sick or lost his reasoning faculties.

  10. Well,we are in trouble .Shittima is the APC Presidential flagbearer whether you like it or not .Tinibu know it himself.

  11. That Tunde of a guy is sick and need to be treated. How can you, because of tribal sentiment wish Nigeria such a disaster?

  12. Tinubu earlier told us that presidency is not a block laying work but brain work which we expect to have seen him displayed, but unfortunately he is full of blunders.

  13. Only the One the the only EMINI can save us from the calamity of pdpapc combo of either becoming president of this blessed nation! The agenda of misery continua of entrenched interests that have bedevilled the nation will finally succeed in nailing its coffin, expect mass rising and resistance ! God save Nigeria!

  14. Is better to vote for the pretending one that to vote for a culess sick old man with this set of people that put us in were we are now. please wise up enough is enough for all this blunder

  15. It is unbelievable that under whatever reason(s) some folks are still sticking their head out to defend what has clearly manifested as dementia in BAT.
    If BAT is elected president under this health conditions one wonders what type of leadership he is going to provide for a complex and crisis ridden country like ours

  16. I wonder why some people are so daft that they can’t see the truth and say it, just because of tribal sentiment, may GOD never allow a sick Tinubu to win the election, because we all knew he’s sick Nigeria is too big to be gamble with.

    1. You said well because we can’t continue like this as a nation while we the most brillant people all over the world

  17. Tinubu Is Sick And Should Be In Care Home Receiving Some Special Care By Now As Simple And Short….. Besides,He Is Not Even Qualified To Lead A State Not To Talk Of Federal…

  18. Mr Tunde, please be honest to yourself na, this may be your brother but is not fit to Nigeria President, how can’t he even mistake pvc to something else brother come on, don’t be fooled by ethnic stuff .

  19. Tinubu is a walking corpse wish every one knows . Even in the dream, such person can not handle a Local government talkless federal . Anyone that support him is a thief and will ever remain in darkness

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